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Did you know?

One square inch can contain more than 65 million mold spores.

Mold develops where there is excess water and moisture like humidity. Unfortunately, people often make the problem worse because they don’t know what to do next.


Mistake #1

Using a fan to dry an area where mold is present or suspected


Using a fan to dry out an area BEFORE mold is properly cleaned up  will cause mold spores to become airborne. This puts you and your family n danger of potentially serious health problems.



Mistake #2

Using bleach to clean mold

Treating mold with bleach and water can actually feed further mold growth. While bleach kills live mold, it does not kill or remove all mold spores embedded in semi-porous items such as drywall, wood, or cardboard. Never use bleach to treat mold on these surfaces. You can use bleach to treat mold on non-porous surfaces like glass, hard plastic, and metal.


Mistake #3

Ignoring Mold

Mold can create serious health issues, especially if you already have respiratory issues. Contact a professional immediately if you detect mold or suspect it.



What to Do When You Find or Suspect Mold

Find & Fix the Cause of Water Issues ASAP

  • Mold develops where there is excess water and moisture like humidity. Find out where the water or humidity is coming from and repair the issue as soon as possible!

Do Not Dry the Area Until Cleaned

  • As we said before, drying an area with mold before cleaning it, can actually spread it.

Limit Your Exposure to Mold

  • Wear gloves, a N95 respirator mask, and eye protection when cleaning the mold.

Clean Small Areas Immediately

  • Areas of less than 10 square ft . can be cleaned by scrubbing with a household detergent. There are several products that you can find in hardware or home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. But read the ingredients on the label carefully. Products remove mold and mildew are a good choice. Products that remove mold and mildew stains usually contain bleach.
  •   If the mold is embedded into wood or drywall this may not work. In that case, contact your property manager or a mold remediation company to ensure there isn’t a health risk to you or your family.

Clean Large Areas

  • As we mentioned above, due to potential health risks, it is important to rely on experts to treat the problem.

Dry the Area Quickly


  • After cleaning the mold, it is critical to dry the area as quickly as possible using drying equipment like a dehumidifier. Then the area needs to be tested with a moisture meter to confirm all moisture has been eliminated.


Tips for Mold Prevention

To prevent a dangerous and costly problem like mold, inspect your home and property regularly. Here are a few helpful inspection guidelines:


  • Inspect ceilings and walls for water stains.


  • Check for drips or signs of water leaking at all supply lines, sinks, toilets, ice makers, etc.
  • Replace or clean A/C filters


  • Service your HVAC system
  • Clean gutters and downspouts

Vacations and Long Business Trips

  • Have someone check your house while you are away so if something happens – like a pipe burst or AC leakage – you won’t come home to a very unpleasant and costly mess.

Mold is a serious health risk, especially in places like Alabama where the humidity is so high in the summertime. Don’t take chances with your health. If you suspect mold, deal with it immediately.

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