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Craving for some outdoor fun to burn some of those extra calories? If so, check out some of the best running tracks near downtown Birmingham below.

Jemison Trail

Jemison trail is a concrete path through the Mountain Brook neighborhood that is incorporated into the 54-acre Jemison Linear Park. Having the scenic Shades Creek alongside it, it’s surely one of the prettiest runs around Birmingham you wouldn’t wanna miss.

A central starting point for runners is at the intersection of Cahaba Road and Mountain Brook Parkway which is about 5 miles southeast of downtown. Then you may want to run east along Mountain Brook Parkway, Overbrook Road, Beechwood Road, and Old Leeds Road until you reach the path break at Stone River Road.

Shades Creek Greenway (Lakeshore Trail)

Most commonly known as Lakeshore Trail, the Shades Creek Greenway is located along Homewood’s Lakeshore and is a 2.5 mile paved multi-use path that is free from Birmingham’s busy traffic. What’s even more great about this running trail is that it runs throughout the lush floodplain of Shades Creek.

Homewood Neighborhood

One of the prettiest neighborhoods in Birmingham is Homewood, which is south of downtown, is a perfect spot for a great run. With its beautiful sidewalks, cute homes, and lovely parks, you’re sure to love it even more as you go through its streets.

The best stretches in the neighborhood include Oxmoor Road and Broadway Street but don’t get me wrong, most streets in the area are great for a run.

Kiwanis Vulcan Trail

Despite the fact that the Vulcan Trail is only 2 miles long, this is one of the most popular running ground around Birmingham. The running trail starts at the Red Mountain Terrace on the west end and runs east to Vulcan Park and Museum.

Railroad Park and University

Though not as big as other running trails, Railroad Park has a lot to offer. It is considered as one of the most fun running grounds around Birmingham with its green walkways, train spotting opportunities, and an amazing LED tunnel. For those wanting extra mileage, they can extend their route south towards UAB.

Ross Bridge Neighborhood and Greenway

The upscale neighborhood of Ross Bridge is standing proud with its collection of grand houses. It’s a perfect option for runners who like to run on asphalt in suburban areas away from the city’s hustle. Here you will also find Ross Bridge Greenway which is a 2.7-mile multi-use path.


There you go! Be sure to check them all out on your next run. See you around!

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