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One of the great things about Alabama is the many cultures that come together, and this is especially so in the summer months when events of all kinds take place throughout the state. Alabama has a rich cultural history that is evident throughout the many towns and cities, and Birmingham in particular is home to many monuments and reminders of its rich and colourful past.

Another major point about Birmingham and Alabama is the number of students that attend the many colleges and universities in the region. These colleges have a long history of housing members of the ‘Divine 9’; these are the Black Greek Letter Organisations – the famous fraternity and sorority houses that hold court in universities and colleges across the country, and in Alabama.

So, it came to be that Birmingham members decided to host a Greek Picnic Weekend, and it is now in its second year. It will be held on August 1st, 2019, and it’s certainly an event that is well worth checking out.

Linn Park and More

The Alabama Greek Picnic Weekend invites members of the Pan-Hellenic Council to attend with their families and enjoy a fantastic weekend of events and entertainment, not to mention networking and social opportunities, in the wonderful surroundings of Charles Linn Park, a beautiful space that sits in the very heart of downtown Birmingham.

Home to many evocative monuments and memorials to important local persons through history, the park is a quite spectacular space to hold such an event in, and this year’s picnic should certainly build on the popularity of the inaugural event that took place last summer.

What can you expect to find at the Alabama Greek Picnic Weekend? There will be plentiful opportunity to meet members from other fraternities and sororities, as the event has attracted attention from members across the country. There will also be a full program of events including live music – always a favorite when gatherings like this occur – plus a comedy show, specially laid-on family fun and games for the youngsters, various competitions for the older visitors, plus plenty of nightlife entertainment.

There will also be opportunities for worship, and as there are hundreds of chapters from universities and colleges within Alabama, it is expected to be a very popular event indeed.

History and Culture

The Divine 9 are part of college culture in Alabama, and in the USA, so events like this make for an important opportunity to get to meet others in similar houses from other places. It’s also a chance for friends and family to meet, and Linn Park is certainly a great place to hold such an event.

If you want to see what it’s all about, why not put a date in your diary for August 1st? Remember, that’s just a few days away, so you need to make sure you are available and ready to enjoy what is a great day out in one of the most beautiful examples of city centre parkland in the USA.


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