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Moving to Birmingham? The Magic City is considered a top moving destination by many, thanks to the booming tech economy. Let us help you be familiar with the place with some fun facts. Check them out below!


  1. Birmingham residents love local beer – so much!
  2. Thursdays are perfect for a good baseball game at Regions Field.
  3. Birmingham is the home of the nation’s oldest baseball stadium, Rickwood Field.
  4. James Spann is our beloved weatherman. It’s serious if you spot suspenders!
  5. Find Sloss Furnaces creepy? We love watching great shows there!
  6. We love football. Better choose your team Alabama Tide or Auburn Tigers. It’s required…
  7. We enjoy the best gourmet popsicles around from places like Steel City Pops.
  8. We love Vulcan – our unofficial mascot.
  9. Our restaurants win national awards for the best food – Highlands Bar & Grill.
  10. And oh- we do have God-like chefs in the name of Frank Stitt And Chris Hastings.
  11. We have great suburbs – Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia and Hoover that are located “over the mountain”.
  12. Never take Highway 280 during rush hour. Just don’t do it. The traffic is insane!
  13. We live in humidity. Be ready to do so too. In August, you just swim to work.
  14. We love white barbecue sauce. You’ll love it too!
  15. We have a lot of barbecue pits! You should try them too.
  16. Saturday is market day. So be sure to wake up early and get the chance to shop fresh produce and locally sourced goods at The Market at Pepper Place.
  17. We love outdoor activities – biking, hiking, kayaking, name it! We love it! How couldn’t we? We have a great places perfect for some outdoor fun. Red Mountain Park, Ruffner Mountain, and Moss Rock Preserve are just a few of them.
  18. Rent prices and overall cost of living in Birmingham are cheap, so you’d love to stay here forever.
  19. We have The Alabama Theatre and it’s our crowning jewel. It has hosted countless shows since 1927 and every single one had been loved.
  20. We have the Light Rails and they are spectacular. They are LED modern art installations that are one of a kind and a must-see.
  21. Everyone joins a GoKickball Team which is more of a social scene rather than a game. You need not to be athletic to join, you just need to be fun!
  22. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are free whole year round and they’re perfect for a mini-getaway.
  23. You can find the city’s best cliff view at the top of Ruffner Mountain Nature Center – one of the largest urban nature preserves in the US.
  24. We have the best half-moon cookies! Made from scratch chocolate chip and pecan delicacies, they’re so good they were even named as one of the “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die” by the Alabama Tourism Department.


Excited to move in? You better be! See you soon!

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